story by @Chanceb007

The Leagues first Scouting Organizations began forming in 1962, by 1964 The NFL had established 3 Scouting Organizations. BLESTO-V ( Bears, Lions, Eagles, Steelers Talent Organization, – Vikings). CEPO/ Central Eastern Personnel Organization ( Colts, Browns, Packers, Cardinals). TROIKA ( Cowboys, Rams, 49ers) The 3 groups meet separately and examined draft prospects for injuries. It was cost-effective to bring players to a central location where the Organizations could share the expenses. These where events that G.M.s, Coaching staffs, and team Scouts could meet and come to a standard by which their team would evaluate….ie we want all LB to be 6’2″ 280lbs, All CB had to have started 18 games in college. OL are required to have a 3.0 gpa or better…and so on. The National Football Scouting Inc. meet in Tampa, FL. in 1982 and invited 163 players to take physical measurements..ie.. height, weight, waist, chest. ( think they were measuring for a suit in the beginning), The participants were examined by team Dr’s. and were evaluated on all injuries. Severity, recover time, check ups of previous injuries. The League meet the next year in New Orleans, LA. BLESTO-V (Lions, Steelers,Vikings, Talent Organization). QUADRA (Cowboys, Rams, 49ers). National (Colts, Browns, Packers, Cardinals, Falcons, Giants, Redskins).this was a larger level of precipitation. Standards of performance begun to take hold. The Teams could compare their results with other Teams. Then observe how other teams managed personnel. Recovery times on injuries shortened. In 1985 All 28 teams arrived in Arizona and participated in, BLESTO-V, QUADRA, National, Scouting Camp the remainder teams participated independently. Physical measurements, Injury evaluations, and the first 40 yard dash. Unofficially the fastest 40 time is 1985 potential 1st pick overall. Bo Jackson, who allegedly ,with confirmed on-lookers ran a 4.10 40 yard dash. Oh the making of legends. 40 times are taken by 2 hand-held stop watches, and an electric timer initiated by hand on the players first movement. 6- times -that each team can do with what they will. There will never be “Official” Combine times. Currently The Annual NFL Scouting Combine is permanently established in Indianapolis, IN. 250 potential participants are delivered invitations, at the conclusion of their Senior season, and before a Bowl. Underclassmen declares by mid-Jan. invitations are made to those receiving “Supermajority” Evaluation grades are given through perception, participation, Collegiate performance, physical measurable, Injury evaluation, Bench Press reps of (225) 40 yrd dash time, vertical jump, broad jump, 20 yard split. 3 cone drill, 60 yard shuttle. Team interviews, Drug screening, cybex test (measures joint movement), wonderlic test. Position Specific Drills for each group. The results are tallied,compared, analyzed, hypothesized, How comed, what ifed, why not, I don’t believe it, can he do it again?2011 The NFL Scouting Combine established an 11 City Regional Combine for players not invited to the main Combine ,and free agents who want to participate. L.A., Houston, Baltimore, Tampa, East Rutherford, Chicago, Atlanta, and Cleveland. The best performers move on to a Super Regional Combine in Detroit, MI.

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