The Responsibilities of Being a Texans Fan

Texans ILB Brian Cushing

written by: Chanceb007 I have been a #Texans season ticket holder for the last 8 years. Really we put in with my sisters and their husbands, and our parents. We have 4 seats in section 605 “Gridiron, TX.” and 4 PSL’s in 105. I never sit in 105, I like the top. We have a group of us that have been together for a few years now @TXviaOZ @reddog975 , but I’ve been there the longest. I know the ushers, vendors, and Kevin, the guy in the wheelchair at the top of the Budweiser entrance. I have hats full of game pins that use to be given out to the first 1000 #Texansfans every game. I have tents, flags, and Bud light coolers, hats, T-shirts, and bleacher blankets. We leave our house at 7:15am on #gamedaySundays( I live in Atascocita, Humble I guess) We put the flags on the truck and my wife, and our 3 daughters drive 59 south, to 288, to 610, and exit Kirby. Go to the second gate and park in the handicap area of the Blue lot. My Dad is a Disabled Vet so he gets parking passes every year. We set up the tent, crack open a beer and through a game of bean bag toss. Then head over to the Bud Light tent to visit friends. 10:45am we start cleaning up and head up to our seats by 11:00am. Every #gamedaySunday. I take the escalator up, grab a baked potato at Sheriff Blaylock’s along with my Sprite ( I don’t drink beer during the games, it takes away my focus.

Texans RB Arian Foster

Until last year walking up to my seat was sad, more jerseys of the teams we were playing then our own. I always wear the colors of the team ie..all white, when it’s #Libertywhite day, all blue on #Deepsteelblue day, all red on #BattleRed day. I am not nice to fans of other teams, I know the #Texans want it to be friendly and all, but I’m convinced that’s only because so many people are fans of the other team. They don’t have to be nice in #NewYork, #Philly, or #Pittsburgh.. Hell we’re a blue-collar town. I think we should be a little pissy when fans of other teams wear their gear in our house. The #Pittsburgh game last year was awesome, there were more people in black and gold then #BattleRed. I was not quiet about my displeasure with the state we put our team in. It waslouder when we were on offense then it was for them. Embarrassing…..we won the game, and I was not a good winner about it. All I heard was how many rings do the #Texans have? For which I replied we have been in the league for 9 years and beat your asses. It took your team 13 years before you had a winning season, in fact you only had 5 winning seasons in the first 39 years of being in the NFL. So apples to apples, and all things equal. we may win 10 rings before our 39th season, then what? I have a belief that you should stay till the very end of each game, even in blow outs. My saying is “You take that mess, swallow it and remember what it felt like, cause when we start to win the victories are so much sweeter.” Those who didn’t stay know who they are, and it was only themselves they cheated. People we’re leaving the #Browns game in droves. I gave them a little what for. My question “where you going”? answer “home, trying to beat the traffic” Ha Ha, not funny, what if your customer in the middle of your presentation packed up and left? saying as they were out the door, “trying to beat the traffic” Those men down there on that field deserve your respect for not giving up themselves, fight through that mess, so when victory does come it taste so much sweeter. I then questioned his fan hood, he said he was a #Cowboys fan and didn’t care about the #Texans anyway. “Then why you wasting your money”? I didn’t the tickets were given to me, and I won’t be back. “I got a little uppity and shouted”good cause we don’t want you back” I got a pretty good round of applause on that one. We stay to the end no matter what, the very bitter end!

I have 3 daughters, Peyton, Karsyn, and Braydee. Yep, you read that right. They have been going to games since the day they were born. In fact Braydee (who is the baby) has been going to #Texans games while in the womb. The memories that are built into my children will make them #Texans fans for life. I’m hoping they all only marry #Texansfans, and make #Texansfansbabies. LOL! My daughters have been to more games than most adults I know, their experience is a little different. It starts with face painting then a souvenir, ride the escalator to the top.Open the glass door and get them a hot dog, then potty break, snow cone, potty break, pretzel, potty break….all in the first quarter, I love my wife.LOL! If the cotton candy man doesn’t come all the way up. my middle daughter blames me for not tipping well enough to make it worth it for him to make the trip up to the top. Not sure where she got that one from. (Daddy giving Mommy a hard time for giving the beer man a quarter, he never came back for her that game) They also know to cover their ears after we score, and look forward to taking pictures with the cheerleaders after the game. So these rules were developed over years, most evolved unspoken. We use to always go to the restroom after we punted, then by the time you got back we had the ball again. sometimes down a score. Last year everyone went down when the other team punted. Nothing was ever said, nobody spoke about it. It just happened. I was torn for our first home playoff game. There was no orange in the stadium, maybe a little, but they all minded. I was swelled with pride seeing all the #Libertywhite, #DeepSteelblue, and #BattleRed. I was a little irked that the “rookiebandwagonTexansfans” don’t know to scream the last name during intros. I loved the energy that was created in Reliant, but sideways when I had to explain…”That was good enough for a #HoustonTexans first down” (side note on that one, do we really still need to celebrate first downs? I think we are a little better than that now) sorry I digress. Having to explain who, not what are “Bulls on Parade“, “The Ninja Assassin“,”The Milkman”, and “Caveman” I mean if you can afford playoff tickets shouldn’t it be more than a novelty? I sit at the very top, really very top. I like it there, I can see the entire field, and like to watch the personnel groupings we use being shuttled in and out. The down side is you can’t see names, you have to know numbers. Cool thing is my #Texans section family knows them all also.(We eliminate numbers when there is an injury, to determine who it is) I spent way more time during our #playoffpayoff explaining fan rules to #rookiebandwagonTexansfans The rules of #Texansfandom need to sharpen up this year.We got the #Packers coming into town, and they think they can push us around. We can do this if we keep it together and talk mess with purpose. They will not look down at our team, they will look down on us, unless we sick to the rules that were developed in OUR stadium, this is not #LambeauField, and we don’t carry flask of schnapps in our parka. We do it the #Texansway, not the #Packer way. Don’t tell me how to cook brisket, and I won’t tell you how to cook Brat. Wear the right colors, it’s on the website under the game day tab. We always open the season with #Libertywhite, so don’t show up in #Deepsteelblue. Scream like a crazy person when we are on defense, and quite like a #Jaguar fan on offense. You don’t have to be mean to fans of the opposing team, but they should be a little uncomfortable. What we want to create is an environment that opposing fans have to think about whether they want to go, this gives #rookiebandwagonTexansfans more opportunity to get to a game. I would rather see our gear on #rookiebandwagonTexansfans then another teams colors on an educated fan. Be nice to #rookiebandwagonTexansfans, teach them the way. It will make it easier to get over you asking yourself where they have been the last 10 years. We’ll get two warm up games to work with #rookiebandwagonTexansfan. #Dolphinfan won’t talk, if even show up. Maybe #Aggiefan shows up to see Ryan Tannehill. Then we got #Titanfan or ex #Oilerguy most of them have converted, and we own them anyway. Then comes #Packerfan.Be at the stadium 8am, bring your best. Brisket,sausage, chili, what ever is your best. Bring vodka and schnapps too. Do the tailgate first class. Be in your set at kickoff, we look like amateurs when the stadium is empty at kickoff. Don’t get all #icefishermandrunk we got to be heard, and on point. We got to do #FalconKillerTexansFan, on #Packerdude. They think their better than us. Maybe in later seasons, but were not the same #Texans. When the game clock starts running down to the end, winning by 21 or winning by 3….STAY Losing by 30 or losing by 7….STAY. The nation is watching and #Texansfan stays to the bitter end, to enjoy the sweetest victory. Welcome to winning, I could get use to it. #Texansfan #TexansFam #Texansnation. The #veteranTexansfans has responsibilities to the team  #rookiebandwagonTexansfan ,and to each other. 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3 responses to “The Responsibilities of Being a Texans Fan

  1. Great article always enjoy reading about loyal NFL fans. Have your wife, 3 daughters and all other Texans female football fans checkout The #1 NFL site 4 women. Football news from the knowledgeable female football fans.

  2. Megan

    Hi Rob:
    I am a relatively new transplant to Texas by way of Minneapolis. I am excited that the Vikings play the Texans this year. I am planning to come down from Dallas for the game, and have a few questions about how Reliant Stadium is set up. I’ve looked at a lot of sites and can’t locate which gate the visiting team comes out of in the stadium? I was thinking of getting a ticket in one of the corner sections to be able to see the Vikings enter the field. Also, tailgating…do Texans intermingle with other team’s fans or is that taboo? We’re a friendly bunch with all but Packer fans up North, so just about anything goes. Does there tend to be one colored lot that the visiting teams tailgate in? I realize I am asking you to help out the opposition, but you are incredibly knowledgeable about your team, so I thought I’d risk it 🙂 Thanks much!

    • Megan, my name is Chance, I am the Editor/writer/Fonder of Football4Footballheads. Rob is one of the feature writers for the blog. Opposing teams come out of the Southeast tunnel. The seating sections are 133-132, those are the closest. Sections 346-343 are just above. The Amergy Bank Entrance is the closest access. To tailgate you will need to purchase a parking pass. You should be able to find something online with the purchase of your tickets. There are no opposing fan tailgating sections. The Blue Lot is the most popular and has the corporate sponsored tailgate teams. Yellow Lot is most tame, Orange Lot is a fans tailgating lot without the major events and sponsorships. Unfortunately if your in Purple it will be difficult to mingle with Texans fans. Not that we are mean, just passionate. You may get heckled. Ok you will be heckled. None in poor taste, but certainly to get your attention. I would suspect if both teams are playing well at the time and are setting up playoff runs, the atmosphere will be more intense. There are incredibly strict rules on fan taunting, so you don’t have to worry. As long as you can tolerate a little ribbing you should have a great time in a beautiful stadium, outstanding atmosphere, and football in the great state of Texas! Texans didn’t invent football, we just play it best! Cheers! #BullsOnParade

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