To Be a Texans Fan

Written by: @Chanceb007

The NFL awarded it’s 32 franchise to Houston September 6th 2000. Unveiling a Texas flag themed bull with the colors “Liberty white” “Deep Steel blue” and “Battle Red” …”Battle Red” I just like saying that “Battle Red”….The next day I was waiting in line at Academy to buy jerseys with the number 32 on them. I then crowned myself an “expert”
I do most of my administrative and managerial tasks in my “office” The board of experts meets weekends. In a mancave throughout the city. Ours like yours host some of the smartest, brightest, and thought-provoking football minds on this Earth! problem is we are the only ones that know it.

We’ve had a beer or (beers) arguing over who and what the Texans should draft, plays to call, how better to manage the clock, players to pick-up. I don’t have a direct line to Bob McNair, but somewhere in my head I must think so. It’s always “what WE should do is..or If I were the GM I would…my favorite one Let me tell you how we’re gonna get this thing on track”…yeah well ,I’m still waiting for a response. When I wanted Reggie Bush, they drafted Mario Williams. I didn’t know. “who is this Duane Brown character?, another wasted pick”. Why would they would “ever” draft Brian Cushing before Clay Matthews Jr. makes no sense. Why are they drafting Kareem Jackson with Kyle Wilson still on the board? JJ Watt? “are you kidding me? Nick Failey is right there, why are they taking JJ Watt? This year was Whitney “Ming the Mercilus” it’s a little to early on that pick, but with the OTA’s DeVier Posey has had and the OTA’s Stephen Hill is having, I’m a little nervous.I’m the best six-pack GM ever, just ask me. When it’s right it’s “we”,wrong it’s “they”…don’t lie you do the same.

Trust the administration, they do the work.Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak trust each other. More importantly Bob McNair trusts them. Both were just given extensions that will give, as Bob McNair used in his press conference, multiple, multiple times “stability” for the next few years. Kubiak bet on himself taking only a 3 year deal. When offered a 4 year deal. He believes that his results in the next couple of seasons will translate to a larger contract later.

After I’ve had time to study the landscape and reality sets in and I realize, Mario Williams was, and still is the most productive player from the 2006 draft. Duane Brown was the 7th tackle taken in a draft that started with Jake Long 1st overall. Broncos Ryan Clady,Bears Chris Williams, Lions Gosder Cherilus, Panthers Jeff Otah, and Falcons Sam Baker were all taken ahead of Brown. Duane has missed four games in his entire career,and the absences weren’t injury related. “CUSH” enough said, right? Kareem Jackson was the best available defensive back in a draft we weren’t taking anything but a defensive back with our first pick in. Patriots Devin McCourty,Jets Kyle Wilson, and Saints Patrick Robinson. I will say this, it looked like McCourty was a better pick, but he was beaten out of his spot by Antwaun Molden, yep you just read that correct. Gary Kubiak believes JJ Watt may be the best decision this franchise ever made… and we wanted, twice this off-season, arrested Nick Fairley? shame on us!

As any fans do questioning the administration is part of the fun. Texans fans are no different. Like your little brother though “I can say anything I want to,or about, the little…,but you even look at him in a way I disapprove of, “there won’t be enough room on this planet for you to hide.” It hasn’t always been easy being a Texans fan. We have cried a lot of tears, bleed our share blood, and broken a couple of TV’s. We have watched this team grow from snot nosed little boys that get their lunch money stolen, to full-grown “Beast” that dominate.I’m not sure where we go from here. We are fans that are growing with our team. Like everything for the first time, we go into it with nervous excitement. We could be a team that never reaches our potential, or we could win multiple championships. If the journey is something that bothers you….there are needle point classes available at your local C.C. Cause I say if you’re not willing to bleed the blood, or cry the tears..we don’t want you anyway!!! That’s what it takes to be a Texans fan!



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