Growing Up a Football Fan

My Mother and her wrist tattooed Texans logo

W itten By: Chanceb007

I don’t remember a day football not being in my head, that song you hear playing in the background. I grew up not having cable, which didn’t bother me cause I didn’t know the difference. I also grew up with a party line, milk deliveries, drive in movies, and Howard Cosell announcing Monday Night Football. We always watched MNF, I was able to stay up till halftime and listen to Cosell give the highlights of the weekends games. We didn’t have the newspaper delivered, but we had a subscription to Sports Illustrated I couldn’t wait till Friday.I loved it, I could see the pageantry of the game through it. Colors,and logos,with stripes that identified teams.Most little boys were reading comics,and playing video games.collecting hot wheels and wearing Yoda pajamas to bed. I was trying to find anything I could in SI, and watching games to fill in my abbreviated rosters. I got books about football and jerseys for Christmas. Earl Campbell, Jim Zorn, Lynn Swan, and Randy White, Lyle Alzado. I had an Earl Campbell shirt I must have worn every day.

I started understanding more about the game. Formations pro-set, I-formation, empty-set. The 5-2, barrel-6, the “46”. Started to hear the terms “Blitz” and “2-deep zones”,”post routes” and “pocket passer”. Continuing to try to understand what any of it meant, but it all sounded cool. Began watching players like. Gerald Riggs, Chuck Muncey, Tony Nathan, Jim Hart, Stanley Morgan, Mark Gastino, Wyndal Taylor, Lynn Dickey, Dan Pasterani, Kenny Buorrough ( I had his ’00’ jersey) and no kidding, my mother made it for me!

Sunday’s we watched football on a giant box TV that set on the floor. Only one game on in the morning was hard on a kid learning the game of football. Who was running the ball? Curt Warner, Sammie Wynder, Joe Cribbs, John Riggins, Mike Rozier.

My mother grew up in Southern California, Orange County, Huntington Beach. UCLA had John Wooden, USC OJ Simpson. Her sports influence started in her home as a little girl. She carried that passion with her. After she married my Dad and would watch games she picked whoever was playing against my grandfather, (my Dad’s Dad) and that was her team. He liked the Cowboys, she the Dolphins. If only to make it hard on him.

I am convinced 30 years later the most influential person to my passion of football is my mother, we’ve been to New Orleans, and Miami for Texans games. She also went with me for my one and only trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame!! The season ticket we have to the Texans now are because she wanted the family to have those memories. I now pass them to my daughters. Thanks Mom, and I love you!!



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