Souring Hearts and “Dirty Birds”.


Written by Candy @lovemefalconsI get asked a lot how I became a Falcon from Pennsylvania. Let me first say this, football was a way of life in my family like in most homes, that’s what Sunday’s were all about. As a child I didn’t cheer for a specific team I just loved the sport. First Falcon’s game I watched we played the Bills, we won barely, but I got that feeling that I’ve seen members of my family get watching them cheer for their favorite team, the excitement and adrenalin pumping. I feel in love. Most people wouldn’t pick a team that went 3-13 that year but I did that was my team and Chris Miller, yes I said Chris Miller was my quarterback. Over the years Falcon’s fans have had a lot of heartbreak. We cheer for the team we love. No matter what brought us to love this team. I will continue to do so…..

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