All Smiles On My End

Written by: Shun Myers @tweetsbyShun
I became a fan of the Houston Texans in their first season 2002. I was given tickets and went to the “Salute to the Military” game. Going to that game did something to me, being apart of #TeamTexans became my joy. I would eat, sleep, and breath, that Battle Red, Deep Steel Blue, and Liberty White. I love those colors, it represents Houston. The great state of Texas, and the team I love the Houston Texans. I bought season tickets in the beginning, things changed so I would buy 2 game packages.
Every team goes through rough parts. The Texans started in a rough spot. When I can I enjoy tailgating, we get there early get to our seats and call out the players names coming out of the tunnel. I always stay behind MY Texans..all the way, think and thin. Through the bad plays, players and play calling I stay. I stay until the very last tick on the clock!! Win or lose. But I really like the winning a whole lot better.
I watch most games at home now, I don’t move during my 3 1/2 hour #TeamTexans game day ritual. I don’t like to travel unless I know the company is great. I am glued to my big screen TV, and don’t like being uprooted during games. I’m the 13th man at home!
I have a collection of over 28 different Texans shirts, and with the new Nike gear coming in I have a faster growing supply. I always wear Texans shirts the day before a game, and the day after a win. My friends and family had a Texans themed Graduation party for me.
My favorite player is #80 Andre Johnson. His is the only name I will wear on my back. My Husband and I ran into Andre at the Rodeo one year, we had a 10 minute casual conversation with him. #allsmilesonmyend (that’s my favorite saying) I will say I am starting to like Brian Cushing …he could become my favorite. I like Duane Brown a lot also. I cheer for Mister Alexander who is a great friend of my cousin. I’ll be watching him this season.
I am very excited for the season to come. The Texans have a very good team that could win it all! #TeamTexans #TexasFam


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2 responses to “All Smiles On My End

  1. Lashonda


  2. Mood Swing

    Hey Shun, Loving the Texans also…. Team BrianCushing….AAAAAALLLLLLLLLTHEWAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

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