The Texans Tree Has a Super Seed

Written by: Chanceb007

In 1997 and 1998 the Denver Broncos won Super Bowls XXXIIand XXXIII utilizing the identical offense the Texans use. Gary Kubiak has personally overseen the building of the Texans offense, piece by piece, hand picking the Quarterbacks,Running Backs, and Tight Ends. He knew from the beginning what the results would look like.  Understanding the logic Kubiak and General Manager Rick Smith began with, I think some comparisons between the two teams is fair. If TerrellDavis would have been able to stay healthy, he could be in the Hall of Fame. Davis,drafted in the 6th round, clinching a spot on special teams, and practicing at high level grabbed Gary Kubiak’s attention. Terrell Davis was the League’sPremier Rusher for two amazing seasons. The Denver Broncos were not the first,rather the most popular team to run the zone blocking scheme. When matching up the Texans personnel with a Super Bowl Champion, the similarities pop up in strange places. The Broncos Left Tackle in 1997 was Hall of Famer GaryZimmerman, who retired that season. His replacement was the previous year’sRight Tackle. The Broncos kept only Center Tom Nalen and Right Gaurd Mark Schlereth from the 1997 team, which was less than what the Texans have retained. In addition, the Broncos didn’t have thesame players two years in arrow on the right side of the O-Line. The top pass catchers on the Broncos wereWR Rob Smith and TE Shannon Sharpe. The Texans, when healthy, would be Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels. Arian Foster may not rush for 2000 yards like Davis,but with his pass catching ability, could equal the production. The Broncosoffensive personnel included John Elway at QB, Shannon Sharpe TE, Rob Smith WR,Terrell Davis RB, and Ed McCaffrey WR. The Texans offensive personnel stands with Matt Schaub at QB, Owen Daniels TE, Andre Johnson WR, Arian Foster RB, and Kevin Walters WR. It could be argued, these are almost identical weapons.

In 1989 the Denver Broncos Head Coach was Dan Reeves. He was Bob McNair’s roommate at South Carolina. The DC for the 1989 Broncos was WadePhillips, who had a Middle Linebacker named Rick Dennison, Texans current OC.The Broncos OC in 1989 was Buffalo Bills current HC Chan Gailey. He had a backup QB to John Elway named Gary Kubiak. Yes, the current Houston Texans HeadCoach. Funny, Rick Dennison, and Gary Kubiak use to play for Wade Phillips.Wade Phillips has coached three Hall of Famers in Ricky Jackson, Reggie White,and Bruce Smith. He will develop an extreme pass rusher, every year. RickeyJackson, Reggie White, Karl Mecklenburg,Bruce Smith, Shawn Merriman, andDeMarcos Ware. We will give the country Connor Barwin.

The pieces that are going to be missed the most are difficult to say. Gary Kubiak has managed a Championship team with piecesfalling off in the past . The offensive line is part of the system like therunning backs are right? Interchangeable. The Texans have the structure fromthe Broncos. Does that make the Redskins and the Raiders the same as well? If so we should be looking out .


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3 responses to “The Texans Tree Has a Super Seed

  1. I don’t think it’s a fair comparison to take a look at a SB team from the late 90s and compare them to a team today. The league has changed in its ways, especially with the game rewarding passing teams today. In 98 the league rewarded balance which is why having John Elway with TD in the backfield was such a deadly combination. Add to that the fact that Rod Smith was an All-Pro and the other WR Ed McCaffery was averaging at least 70 catches in those two years, and it’s no wonder why this team won the big one.

    For Houston, they NEED another passing threat. Denver had three in McCaffery, Smith, and Sharpe. The Texans have Andre, but that’s it. Kevin Walter and Owen Daniels only have one Pro Bowl between the two of them whereas McCaffery and Sharpe had 9. Of course you may count Foster as a receiving threat, but again, the league rewards passing down the field, not out of the backfield.

    Although I think the Texans are a great team, they need another receiver like I need oxygen. You look at the past five Super Bowl winners; Giants had Cruz, Nicks, and Manningham. Green Bay and New Orleans both had about a dozen threats each. Steelers had Holmes, Ward, and Heath Miller. And Giants had Plax, Toomer, and Shockey. I don’t know if Kevin Walter and Owen Daniels provide the help that the other teams needed to win the Lombardi

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