Will Gary Kubiak be the Texans Scapegoat?

Written by: Rob Brown

20120817-024100.jpgAll the preseason talk in the AFC (besides Tim Tebow jogging in the rain) has been about the shakeup in the AFC West with the addition of Peyton Manning. Maybe just as importantly, that means the AFC South lost Peyton Manning. Therefore that makes the Houston Texans the odds-on-favorites to take the division.

The Texans look to have all the right pieces in the right places for 2012 to make a strong run to the AFC Conference Championship. The defense is primed and ready and the offense looked unstoppable before they were hit with critical injuries late in the year.

That being said, in the scenario where the Texans don’t perform well, how safe is Gary Kubiak?

I don’t have a horse in this race. As a Cowboys fan (who isn’t from Texas) I wish the Texans all the luck because what they do don’t effect my favorite team.

But when you have the winning hand in poker and you somehow screw it up, the blame falls on the person holding the cards and not the cards themselves.

Kubiak is holding all the cards.

He has a second-tier quarterback plays at an elite level at times. He has arguably the best running back in the league. Andre Johnson is an elite wide receiver that is in most fans’ top three list. And now they have the defense to back up that high-octane offense. What’s there not to like on paper?

Kubiak’s record is mediocre at best. His 47-49 record isn’t mindblowing by any means and that includes the 10-6 record from 2012. He received a contract extension immediately after the season was over, but there’s no telling how long he’ll actually stick around if he can’t cash in with the Texans this season.

These are the seasons that build your legacy. Can you win when you’ve been blessed with the weapons? Jimmy Johnson did, Mike Shanahan did, Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher, etc, etc. These coaches didn’t always have a winning arsenal, but when they did they performed to the standard that the roster set for them.

In a league where Marty Schottenheimer can be fired with a 14-2 record, Kubiak isn’t safe by any means. If the Texans hit a nightmare scenario where they don’t reach their potential, the scene would end with a new head coach taking the Texans’ podium.
Rob Brown is a free-lance writer and
maintains his own website http://CowboysVsRedskins.com
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