H-Town from Luv Ya Blue to Bulls On Parade

  Written by: @BCsterr

  My H Town fanhood began with Luv Ya Blue. I loved the Rockets and liked the Astros but when it came to the Oilers they were second to none. I was the dude with the  Columbia blue Starter jacket & scull cap, folders etc… . Being a fan of Buds boys had its up & downs and when attendance was an issue he’d threaten to move the franchise . The 1st threat was a move to Jacksonville. As a fan I felt there was no way he’d actually do it , so it kinda went in 1 ear & out the other. As time went on we approached the 93 season as AFC favorites. The run-n-shoot offense was running on all cylinders. Though we had a decent record that year we were unable to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Making it to the divisional round ,matched up against a Buffalo Bills team with a 2nd string QB i liked our chances. When the game finally started we came out on fire. By halftime the scoreboard read 35-3. The atmosphere in Houston was electric .You could actually feel it! Then it happened. The greatest debacle know to mankind . Like an avalanche, possession after possession the Bills mounted a comeback to win the game. The straw that broke the camels back! After that 1 game I honestly didn’t care what happened. My favorite player Warren Moon was traded , attendance dropped & again Bud threatened to move. This time as a fan I double dared him to do it & like a thief in the night he did. All I remember is waking up & finding out my beloved squad was now in Tennessee .I was stunned. 

   No football in Houston? No way! Unfortunately it was yes way. The City went without football for about 7 seasons . As an Oiler fan I refused to back that other Texas team up 45 north. My next option was N.O Saints. I admit I liked the all black uniforms & AAron Brooks as a QB so I decided I’d follow the Saints. The NFL announced they would award the city of Cleveland the 31st franchise . The NFL stated they would also add a 32 franchise at a later date. My fingers were crossed. The battle was on between Houston & Los Angeles . The deciding factor was timing. Houston business man Robert C . McNair made his bid & Houston …we had a football team!! The NFLs 32nd franchise would start its inaugural season in 2002. Super excited, I entered contests competing for the logo. I knew it was a far stretch but I’m a dreamer. Finally the Logo was introduced, I liked it! But I’ll be honest , the name Texans I had to get use to. Deep inside I really didn’t care what the team name was , as long as we had 1.

  When the 2002 season approached I couldn’t afford season tickets but vowed to attend as many games as I could. My aunt was fortunate enough to purchase season tickets & I was in awwww when she showed them to me. I had to get into Reliant somehow. Before the 1st preseason game against the Dolphins a coworker said he knew a guy that had tickets. They were 35$ with no tax. Heck yeah…,I’ll take 2 please. Excited beyond belief I decided I’d take Pops  with me to this history making event. We had a blast! Football was back!… In the coming weeks all I wanted was to be at Reliant for my team. I would literally get dropped off at the Sheraton Hotel with $100 in my pocket. In those days tickets were sold at face value so they were fairly reasonable. Successfully I attended about 5 games in 2002 based on pure fanhood. The next season I decided to do the same thing & it’s kinda been like ever since. Sometimes I’ll find tics online or some other place, if not I spend game time with friends and family. In my life it’s Texans or nothing. With this coming season I’m expecting nothing less than a long-awaited NFL Championship in Houston Texas!!!       

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  1. Rodrick Griggs

    Good read bro I shared your same passion for Nfl Football in Houston

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