Texans Beat Miami…again

The Texans played ,what appeared to be, an NFL team Sunday. I was looking for the X, Z, the yellow arch and white up in and up. Then realized I forgot my controller. Better yet…I was in reality and it was Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Tony Sparano trying to play Madden on the Texans. Seemed to be working at first. No huddle, quick pace, double stack splits. Impressive!! Until the Texans made their adjustments, batted down 4 passes intercepting 2. Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin did say, via a podcast, if the offensive linemen would have gotten more push while JJ Watt was off his feet, they could have knocked him down. Really? Wonder why a playoff team from last year didn’t think of that? He also said his quarterback needed to work on not locking down on his target with his eyes. Sure, why would a rookie quarterback ever want to do something like look at his receivers?

Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak didn’t want to be left out of the unforgettable quotes about JJ Watt, so he added “he’s gradually turning into a great player very quickly.” Is that like…I can’t even come up with anything even near the level of cleaver it would that to have a comparison to that. So have fun with it. The Texans defense didn’t allow an offensive TD. Finished 7th in yards allowed for week 1. Had 3 sacks and 2 more forced fumbles that the Dolphins recovered. Had some calls gone our way we may have been able to see Antonio Smith do a real Ninja Assassin. “A dirty player being let to play dirty….Richie Incognito,” Smith claimed the Dolphins guard tried grabbing his ankle to twist and break it. “Its the referees job to stop him from doing it…” Wait this is the best part….I’m thinking Ninja Assassin all the way. “…I would love to be like hockey.Drop the helmets off, drop the gloves, go fisticuffs. We’re men. Let’s go at it. My money’s on Smith. All in all we didn’t run he ball well but didn’t have to. Didn’t convert 3rd downs like the Texans usually do. I’m thinking this….If we can beat these dudes without having to show more than we need to. Not sure I see a whole lot wrong with that. Teams can’t prepare what they don’t see. Next up the Jaguars in Jacksonville, I’m sure we’ll here all week about how much better Gabbert is and how he led he Jags down the field,I’m sure he did an outstanding job against the flippen…..Vikings!!

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