Texans Take Jags In Historic Style


Written by: @Chanceb007

The Jaguars had significant and key injuries to four starters. Two starting offensive linemen in left guard Eden Britton, and right tackle Cameron Bradfield. On defense they were without starters at outside linebacker Daryl Smith and at cornerback Derek Cox. Jacksonville was also without week one starting running back Rashad Jennings, leaving the duty to camp holdout Maurice Jones-Drew. Blaine Gabbert made gigantic steps forward in the off-season. He had played extremely well in a loss to Minnesota in a week one overtime loss.

Due to a misfortunate squib kick, that nine year veteran kicker Josh Scobee missed, and flubbed it down the field giving the Vikings the ball at the 31 yard line. Minnesota would eventually tie, then win the game. Blaine Gabbert had played well enough to win. He drove the Jags down the field in the closing two minutes and threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Cecil Shorts. Gabbert had 23 completions on 39 attempts for 260 yards and 2 touchdowns with no interceptions. The Jaguars only lost that game because they were unsuccessful in their tackling attempts of Percy Harvin. With a good solid week of tackling drills Jacksonville should have no problem preventing such large yard after catch plays. After all it was only a couple of big plays that prevented them from a win over Minnesota….. I’m not kidding you.That is the BS that spews from the mouth of Jaguar, administration, coaches, players, and media. No wonder they got their asses handed to them. The Jags live in a unicorn and rainbow world that works if they close their eyes nothing bad can happen.

First off Daryl Smith hasn’t started in the league in nearly two years. He also hasn’t gotten on the field this year. So Jacksonville kept a roster spot for a non starting back-up linebacker whom they deemed as their irreplaceable starting outside linebacker. According to Jaguar media he must be a tackling machine. Having flawless technique and the field vision of Brian Cushing. Derek Cox missed 10 games last season, and hasn’t started in over a year. Somehow he secured the starting cornerback position despite not being able to actually perform the job requirements. If I’m Jacksonville I wouldn’t want to do anything to negate Andre Johnson twice a year. That would be dumb.Eben Britton, Jaguars starting left guard, a 2009 second round pick. Hasn’t finished a season healthy since his rookie year, better yet he has only played in ten games since 2010, and has been converted to a guard for the first time in his career. Cameron Bradfield is an undrafted free agent from Grand Valley State, who took Britton’s right tackle spot with his three career stars. The replacements for the offensive linemen Herb Taylor had three days of practice without pads, and hasn’t played since 2008, non the less start. Guy Whimper started 15 games last season for injured Britton at right tackle after being drafted by the Giants in 2006, he had never started until 2011. Will Rackley, who started 15 games in 2011 at left guard is on IR due to an ankle injury. Point to all this O-line thing is. Injuries haven’t been addressed by real threats to a position. It’s not a competition in Jacksonville, it’s a war of attrition. Rashad Jennings is a back-up and little more. Although the Jaguar announcers see Jones-Drew and Jennings as similar to Foster and Tate. Now you start to see why they are where they are. The Jacksonville Jaguars as an organization can not evaluate talent. High picks have offend failed, and with no solid basis to judge from. Depth is difficult to not only produce results, but simply to fill the roster. So truth here, the Jaguars have an offensive line issue that could have been resolved in training camp by bringing a veteran swing tackle. Jacksonville played a team that went to the second round of the playoffs with a third string quarterback. As well as missing their best pass rusher in Mario Williams, and best wide receiver in Andre Johnson for a significant part of the season. Adopting the slogan “Next Man Up”. The Texans refused to go down without swinging. This Jacksonville team has NO HEART, and their Head Coach is an excuse making in abler. The Jags deserve what they get.


Jacksonville was not allowed a single third down conversion . A time of possession differential of nearly an entire half. Not kidding it was a 27 minute difference. The Jaguars produced the franchise worst offensive performance in the teams 18 year history 117 total yards. Blaine Gabbert’s 7 completions on 19 attempts for 53 yards and a touchdown. That pisses me off that we gave that up. Jones-Drew rushed for 60 yards on 12 carries. The Texans offense racked up 411 total yards, 216 of it on the ground. Rushing the ball 48 times with Arian Foster having 110 yards on 28 carries and a touchdown, and 6 receptions for 37 yards.Ben Tate carried the ball 12 times for 74 yards and two touchdowns caught 4 passes adding 23 yards. Owen Daniels lead the Texans non running backs in receptions with 6 for 47 yards. The Jaguars were out matched in the locker room, on the field, and in the head. A team that is filled with excuses and lowered expectations. Waiting on the help of starters that should have been cut. Josh Scobee took the blame for a poor coaching decision on a squib kick. Mike Mularkey is in way over his head……wait scratch that Mike Mularkey is a Brilliant Head Coach that will turn this thing around with a little patience. Hope it works out for y’all in Jacksonville. Or is Mularkey part of the exit strategy to force a move?


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