Texans Fans Should Establish Traditions After Loss to Packers


Written by: Chance Bond

The Houston Texans fan base is very unique. If you were born before..I don’t know 1986, you were a fan of another team. Doesn’t matter who it was, it wasn’t the Texans until 2002. Cool thing about that, we create our own traditions. Bad thing, we are learning as we go along. Green Bay Packer fans showed up in large numbers, nothing we could do about it. Why? We haven’t built the tradition. This doesn’t happen in Green Bay, Kansas City, Philadelphia, or Chicago. These teams of generational fan bases. Grandparents, taking sons and daughters,taking their children. I’m not saying we don’t, just not in the numbers. There is a “code of conduct” in these cities. You don’t buy season tickets to sell them. If you need to sell them, make sure they go to fans of the Texans. We also need to buy more season tickets. The unsold season tickets are purchased by a ticket broker. They don’t care who buys them as long as they sell them. If we don’t want large numbers of other teams in our stadium. Those traditions have to be established. I suggest, BUY SEASON TICKETS. What also makes us unique is in-game rituals. I’m only saying this once. Why are we still celebrating first downs? I understand doing it…five years ago. We had nothing else to cheer for, so a first down is all we had. Now I see it as celebrating mediocrity, were better than that.

Texans fans showed up in record numbers, all be it some on a bandwagon.(you know who you are, and so do we) We showed up to celebrate, let the country see how awesome we are. I was talking more trash than at a landfill, we all are amazing first-class trash talkers. Cowgirl fans won’t mess with us anymore, we got an answer and a comeback for whatever they got. “You hate us cause you wanna be us” our comeback “We had a team before you, but we were smart enough to trade ours in for a better owner”. If you haven’t used that one by all means please do, shuts them up, and they have nothing. “We got five rings how many do you have” our comeback “The book you read that from is in the historic section, and it wants to remind you it’s not coming back” my favorite. “In the 10 years the Texans have been a team, we both have the same amount of playoff wins, we’ll have more by February” See we are some trash talking Texans fans. Well we didn’t get to up the level, but we’re still 5-1. The best team in the league will lose to someone they should beat. We will make our adjustments, and get ready for the Ravens. Come early, stay late, and don’t cheer first downs! We’re better than that.


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