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What’s a football team without somewhere to play? The Cleveland Browns Stadium wasn’t always the 31-acre, 73,200-seat giant that we see now. Formerly, the location held the Cleveland Municipal Stadium, which was where the Browns played for 49 years until Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore because the city wouldn’t tend to the old stadium’s renovation needs. The Municipal Stadium was one of the first multi-purpose stadiums, hosting over 74,000 fans for baseball and 81,000 fans for football. In 1996, the stadium was torn down and debris was left in the bottom of Lake Erie as an artificial reef. This was when the attempt to rebuild the Browns began. In 1997, building began and in 1999, the Cleveland Browns Stadium was unveiled. The first game played in said stadium was a 43-0 loss against the Steelers.

The Dawg Pound is perhaps the most famous of the tailgaters and fans that…

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