Texans, Patriots Even MatchUp?


The Houston Texans reminded Bud Adams of his mistake…again. I’d go into the stats of the game, but I’m not sure what that proves. I’d rather focus my attention on the Patriots. The Texans have beaten three Division leaders this season. Denver, Baltimore, and Chicago. The team will play its fourth Division leader Monday night. The New England Patriots represent what the Texans want…sustained success. The Patriots don’t resemble who the Texans are…a better team.

The Patriots are the NFL’s top offense. They lead the league in scoring, and have the largest point differential. If that’s not enough they also lead the NFL in giveaway/takeaway at +24. Tom Brady has thrown for 3,537 yards, 25 TD’s, on only 4 interceptions. New England has developed a running game in Stevan Ridley who has 1,010 yards rushing on 225 carries and 9 TD’s. The Patriots have scored 30 plus points in 8 games this season, 40 plus in 4 games, and 50 plus points in two games. Their offense possess the leagues 6th rank passing attack, and 8th ranked running game. The Patriots and the Texans play 7 common opponents this season. Including each other half the schedule of each of these teams are the same.

Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub has thrown for 3,062 yards, 21 TD’s, and 9 interceptions. Arian Foster has rushed for 1,102 yards on 283 carries, and 13 rushing touchdowns. The Texans have the 4th ranked offense in the NFL, the 10th best passing team and the leagues 6th best running team. The Texans are the second highest scoring team in the NFL. They are also second in point differential, and second in giveaway/takeaway at +14.

The Patriots beat the Titans 34-10 the Texans beat the Titans 38-14 the first game 24-10 the second. The Broncos score for the Patriots was 31-21. The Texans score against the Broncos 31-25. Both teams beat the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets. This is where the comparisons end. New England lost to Seattle, Baltimore, and Arizona. The signature win of the season for the Patriots was against Denver. The Colts are the only other team they beat with a winning record. I will say this again the Patriots will be the fourth Division leader the Texans play this season. The Patriots have the leagues 26th ranked defense. The Texans have the 6th best defense. The Patriots have 22.5 sacks as a team. JJ Watt has 6 fewer sacks then the entire team. Ladies and Gentlemen I suggest to you they are more scared of us then we are of them….



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