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Texans, Patriots Even MatchUp?


The Houston Texans reminded Bud Adams of his mistake…again. I’d go into the stats of the game, but I’m not sure what that proves. I’d rather focus my attention on the Patriots. The Texans have beaten three Division leaders this season. Denver, Baltimore, and Chicago. The team will play its fourth Division leader Monday night. The New England Patriots represent what the Texans want…sustained success. The Patriots don’t resemble who the Texans are…a better team.

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Texans Win…Convincing Enough?

ManningTXWritten by : Chance Bond

The Texans went into Soldier Field and bet the Bears. Some are saying the Texans out Beared the Bears!!Really?………Really? How about the Texans just effed the Bears up? Punched them in the mouth and stole their lunch money…out Beared the Bears. That’s just an old-fashioned whoop’n!

On a wet, rainy, chilly, and slick Sunday Night Football game. Offensively the Texans ran the ball 35 times for 127 yards. Arian Foster carried the ball 29 times for 102 yards. 15 for 91 yards in the first half. Matt Schaub threw for 94 yards one touchdown and two interceptions. Lead the time of possessions, and converted more first downs. The Bulls On Parade held Chicago to 115 yards rushing, but no back had more than 39 yards.

Texans bet the Bears with a stout defensive line, and a secondary that is beginning to rival Seattles! The Texans MVP’s of the game are Danniel Manning with him seemly mocking Tillman’s “ball punch” move and forcing a fumble of TE Kellen Davis on Chicago’s first play of the game. Manning would intercept a Jay Cutler pass later in the first quarter also, while covering Kellen Davis again. Glover Quinn forces a Michael Bush fumble ,than has the awareness to recover the ball on the Bears second possession. Kareem Jackson, jumped a route of  Brandon Marshall’s,  with an interception that was Chicago’s 4th turnover of the half. Jonathan Joseph had the assignment of covering Marshall all day long, holding him out of the end zone!

The Bears turned the ball over on their first three possessions of the game. Next two offensive possessions were three and outs. After that offensive series ended with the Jackson interception, the final drive of the first half ended with time expiring. The Bears had 25 plays for 35 yards, and two first downs. The second half began with Jay Cutler remaining in the locker room, and Jason Campbell starting. The longest drive of the evening the Bears could put together? An eight play forty yard drive that produced the only points scored all night. The ones that are saying it’s not a convincing enough win without Jay Cutler. I guess will seen when the rings are sized?

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Texans “Off Schedule” Against Packers

Written by : Chance Bond

The Houston Texans had scored on their first possession in four of their first five games. In those games the Texans lead wire to wire. The only game they were behind in was Denver, when they were down by five at one point. By coincidence that is the only game the Texans hadn’t scored on the opening drive. Elvis Dumerville sacked Matt Schaub for a safety on the games first play. That gave Denver two points and the ball. They would add another three going up by five without the Texans even playing offense. That would change quickly. The Texans would score a touchdown on their next three possessions. Eighty-nine yards in five plays, ninety yards in fourteen plays, and fifty-seven yards in two plays. Putting the team back on schedule, playing with a lead. That all changed Sunday night at Reliant. Continue reading

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Texans Fans Should Establish Traditions After Loss to Packers


Written by: Chance Bond

The Houston Texans fan base is very unique. If you were born before..I don’t know 1986, you were a fan of another team. Doesn’t matter who it was, it wasn’t the Texans until 2002. Cool thing about that, we create our own traditions. Bad thing, we are learning as we go along. Green Bay Packer fans showed up in large numbers, nothing we could do about it. Why? We haven’t built the tradition. This doesn’t happen in Green Bay, Kansas City, Philadelphia, or Chicago. These teams of generational fan bases. Grandparents, taking sons and daughters,taking their children. I’m not saying we don’t, just not in the numbers. There is a “code of conduct” in these cities. You don’t buy season tickets to sell them. If you need to sell them, make sure they go to fans of the Texans. We also need to buy more season tickets. The unsold season tickets are purchased by a ticket broker. They don’t care who buys them as long as they sell them. If we don’t want large numbers of other teams in our stadium. Those traditions have to be established. I suggest, BUY SEASON TICKETS. What also makes us unique is in-game rituals. I’m only saying this once. Why are we still celebrating first downs? I understand doing it…five years ago. We had nothing else to cheer for, so a first down is all we had. Now I see it as celebrating mediocrity, were better than that.

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