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Texans “Off Schedule” Against Packers

Written by : Chance Bond

The Houston Texans had scored on their first possession in four of their first five games. In those games the Texans lead wire to wire. The only game they were behind in was Denver, when they were down by five at one point. By coincidence that is the only game the Texans hadn’t scored on the opening drive. Elvis Dumerville sacked Matt Schaub for a safety on the games first play. That gave Denver two points and the ball. They would add another three going up by five without the Texans even playing offense. That would change quickly. The Texans would score a touchdown on their next three possessions. Eighty-nine yards in five plays, ninety yards in fourteen plays, and fifty-seven yards in two plays. Putting the team back on schedule, playing with a lead. That all changed Sunday night at Reliant. Continue reading

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Texans Fans Should Establish Traditions After Loss to Packers


Written by: Chance Bond

The Houston Texans fan base is very unique. If you were born before..I don’t know 1986, you were a fan of another team. Doesn’t matter who it was, it wasn’t the Texans until 2002. Cool thing about that, we create our own traditions. Bad thing, we are learning as we go along. Green Bay Packer fans showed up in large numbers, nothing we could do about it. Why? We haven’t built the tradition. This doesn’t happen in Green Bay, Kansas City, Philadelphia, or Chicago. These teams of generational fan bases. Grandparents, taking sons and daughters,taking their children. I’m not saying we don’t, just not in the numbers. There is a “code of conduct” in these cities. You don’t buy season tickets to sell them. If you need to sell them, make sure they go to fans of the Texans. We also need to buy more season tickets. The unsold season tickets are purchased by a ticket broker. They don’t care who buys them as long as they sell them. If we don’t want large numbers of other teams in our stadium. Those traditions have to be established. I suggest, BUY SEASON TICKETS. What also makes us unique is in-game rituals. I’m only saying this once. Why are we still celebrating first downs? I understand doing it…five years ago. We had nothing else to cheer for, so a first down is all we had. Now I see it as celebrating mediocrity, were better than that.

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A Titan Arrives In St.Louis

written by : Chance Bond

Jeff Fisher accepted the Head Coaching position for the St.Louis Rams and immediately put the teams second overall pick on the auction block. He had also established the price of that pick. He wasn’t talking without the conversation including no less than two number one draft picks. Cleveland Browns President Mike Holmgren thought Fisher would eventually give in. Holmgren underestimated the value of the second pick in this years NFL Draft. Fisher’s experience guided the Rams through a transaction they were accustomed to being taken on. The Organization learned they have someone in the building that is respected and understands the process the NFL uses to operate. St. Louis now has 3 of the top 39 picks in this years draft. They also received the Redskins 1st round picks in 2013 and 2014. The Rams gave up the number 2 pick which the Redskins are expected to select Heisman Trophy winning Baylor Quarteback Robert Griffin III.

As a Head Coach in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans for 16 years and CO-Chairman of the NFL competition committee. The trunk of his own coaching tree. Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Schwantz and Tennessee Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak. Former Buffalo Bills Head Coach, New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator, and recently “indefinitely banded” Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. The level of Fischer’s influence in the NFL is something the franchise has never had to it’s advantage. This was evident in the trade with Washington. Jeff Fisher has developed quarterbacks in Steve McNair, and Vince Young. He worked with Young in spite of owner Bud Adams forcing the first round pick on the football operating staff.

Coach Fisher’s football teams have the same player profiles as they did when he was the Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator under then Head Coach Buddy Ryan. Jeff Fisher became the Head Coach of the Houston Oilers with 6 games left in the 1995 season. Coach Fisher will build St. Louis the same way he built the Titans. As the Rams rebuild the offensive line will be designed with guys like Bruce Mathews, Kevin Donnally, Brad Hopkins, Jon Runyan, Michael Roos, and Kevin Mawae in mind. Defensive tackles will resemble Gary Walker, Josh Evans, and Albert Haynesworth. Pass rushers in Fisher’s system will resemble players like Henry Ford, Jevon Kearse, and Kyle Vanden Bosch. Middle linebackers Michael Barrow, Randall Godfrey, and Keith Bulluck are what Fisher is after. The crown jewel of every Jeff Fisher team is the secondary. This is Fisher’s personal touch to the teams he coaches. Each of his secondaries have had multiple pro-bowlers starting with his first Chris Dishman, Darryl Lewis, Blaine Bishop, and Chuck Cecil. The next Samari Rolle, Andre Dyson, Denard Walker, and Marcus Robinson. Most resent Nick Harper, Chris Hope, Courtland Finnegan, and Michael Griffin. Big wide receivers favoring guys like Hayward Jeffires,Yancey Thigpen, and Kenny Britt. Dynamic running backs similar to Eddie George and Chris Johnson. Pass catching tight ends Frank Wycheck and Bo Scaife. Strong armed quarterbacks like Steve McNair, Vince Young, and Kerry Collins.

The influence for his coaching style comes from his playing days at Southern California where he played safety along side Joey Browner. Fisher played for the Bears as a member of the ’46 Defense that won Super Bowl XX in 1985. Jeff was mentored by Buddy Ryan in the coaching ranks. He was on Ryan’s staff at Houston,and Philadelphia.

Stan Kronke owned the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, as well as the Majority Owner of English Premier League Arsnel. He began the purchase of the Rams in 2010 which, by NFL rules required him to sell is Colorado sports franchises. Majority ownership of the teams were transferred to his son’s name. Clearing the way for Mr. Kronke’s ownership, and the selection of Oaklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford. The hiring of Jeff Fisher will help the Rams see Bradford become who they hope, and want him to be.

The Rams have several pieces already. Chris Long and Robert Quinn as pass rushers. James Laurinitis at the middle linebacker position. Rodger Saffold playing left tackle. Running back Steven Jackson. Free agent cornerback Courtland Finnegan, who played for Fisher at Tennessee, and understands the secondary schemes. Fisher will need to draft personal to execute the dynamics of the system. The coaching staff will need their Albert Haynesworth, Kenny Britt, and Michael Roos. The plan will also have space to cover the remaining shelf life of Steven Jackson. Again this team started with a draft deal that delivers 3 picks in the top 39.That may help in changing the culture of a franchise that doesn’t know how to win.


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