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CBS Cleveland

What’s a football team without somewhere to play? The Cleveland Browns Stadium wasn’t always the 31-acre, 73,200-seat giant that we see now. Formerly, the location held the Cleveland Municipal Stadium, which was where the Browns played for 49 years until Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore because the city wouldn’t tend to the old stadium’s renovation needs. The Municipal Stadium was one of the first multi-purpose stadiums, hosting over 74,000 fans for baseball and 81,000 fans for football. In 1996, the stadium was torn down and debris was left in the bottom of Lake Erie as an artificial reef. This was when the attempt to rebuild the Browns began. In 1997, building began and in 1999, the Cleveland Browns Stadium was unveiled. The first game played in said stadium was a 43-0 loss against the Steelers.

The Dawg Pound is perhaps the most famous of the tailgaters and fans that…

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Cushing Out, Texans Done?…Next Man Up!!

Written by : Chance Bond

Brian Cushing is out for the season with a torn ACL in his left knee. New York Jets Left Guard Matt Slauson blocked Cushing below the knee and then rolled into Cushing not allowing him to avoid being pinned up. The block was one, a clip ,and two illegal. Matt Slauson should receive a league fine. As a Texans fan it’s easy to call it dirty, but I’m not sure it was. Head Coach Gary Kubiak commented on the block ” ;He (Brian Cushing) got cut on the play. Obviously, cutting is part of football but the rule says you can’t come back to your own goal line and cut. So the question is, is the guy coming back to his own goal line? That’s in the League’s hands.”Cushing waited in the tunnel after the game to congratulate the team on the win. The leadership he possesses my be a hard part of his game to replace, but not impossible with the locker room the Texans have. We my see ; JJ Watt in that role, Antonio Smith, Connor Barwin. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jonathan Joseph took the reigns.

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H-Town from Luv Ya Blue to Bulls On Parade

  Written by: @BCsterr

  My H Town fanhood began with Luv Ya Blue. I loved the Rockets and liked the Astros but when it came to the Oilers they were second to none. I was the dude with the  Columbia blue Starter jacket & scull cap, folders etc… . Being a fan of Buds boys had its up & downs and when attendance was an issue he’d threaten to move the franchise . The 1st threat was a move to Jacksonville. As a fan I felt there was no way he’d actually do it , so it kinda went in 1 ear & out the other. As time went on we approached the 93 season as AFC favorites. The run-n-shoot offense was running on all cylinders. Though we had a decent record that year we were unable to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Making it to the divisional round ,matched up against a Buffalo Bills team with a 2nd string QB i liked our chances. When the game finally started we came out on fire. By halftime the scoreboard read 35-3. Continue reading

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