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Texans….Where Are You?

Written by: Chance Bond @Chanceb007 of http://www.football4footballheads.com

As you read this know that it is a flawed attempt to explain Monday Night Football‘s continuing Texan’s struggles. The logic I use will come from a source that are not my own. The logic I use to intelligently develop my nonsense  isn’t available for me today. “I am not me”. I’ll say it again “I am not me”. Texans Fans now say it “I am not me” That makes as much sense as anything else I have heard today.

Some of the mistakes the Houston Texans made were early in the game. Brandon Harris’ holding penalty on third down and six yards to go continued a Patriot’s scoring drive. It would have been nice if Kareem Jackson feel on the fumble of  Stevan Ridley instead of trying to pick it up and run with it. I will say up to this point , one of those  things would have happened, if not both. That was the Patriots opening drive that was extended by a Texans mistake, not a Patriot’s flawless execution. The Texans next possession didn’t look horrible either. Going 60 yards in seven plays in just over four minutes. Texans make that score and it’s a tie game.

The “Strand of Luck” Texans fans have held onto since the Jaguars game. Yeah it broke!  The beautiful palace that we lived in, shattered. It came down hard. Glass and broken hearts. The rest of the Monday Night Football game was blurry.

As I sat there, not speaking. I wondered if it was just me? Did it seem like there were situations the Texans could have or should have gotten out of?  Wonder if  Wade was telling himself “I’m not letting this squirrel of an offensive coordinator dictate my defensive scheme”? Josh McDaniels is just the kind of guy to gloat too.The Texans seemed to expect  the talent would win. Making an adjustment was not in the defensive design scheme. They just didn’t seem up to the task, they were all just “right there”.  I was beginning to think Head Coach Gary Kubiak didn’t want to put anything on film that teams could game plan and study for.

Are the Texans being exposed for using a man to man coverage philosophy? Aaron Rodgers and now Tom Brady seemed to use the Blitz to their advantage. Identifying and then exploiting the hot read. How does a guy come off the street and score on a 67 yard touchdown reception. How does legit threat wide receivers end up uncovered. If the Texans can’t get to the quarterback we lose. If  “he’s just right there” is acceptable we lose. The Texans have been exposed…twice. Offense was the same thing. Andre was single covered. Why Rick Dennison didn’t  just throw the ball to Andre all day I don’t know. The Patriots kept eight sometimes nine in the box.  Houston would never do anything to improve it. I’ve seen this team turn it on like jet rockets. They couldn’t do it. Kevin Walters was like a plaque. Schaub’s interception he was throwing to Walters. Both of the fourth downs we went for were to Walters. Hell the opening play of the game was a Kevin Walter’s penalty. We will clean our wounds and exercise the Kevin Walters demon. The national media is going to tell us how bad the Texans are, “they were exposed” Texans “don’t have the mental toughness” lack some of the “intangible aspect”  to make it in the playoffs. I don’t know? The last time the Texans got their asses kicked, they won six in a row. Let’s do the math. Three regular season games left. Two playoff…. you get where I’m going with this.We will be fine We Are Texans.

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Cushing Out, Texans Done?…Next Man Up!!

Written by : Chance Bond

Brian Cushing is out for the season with a torn ACL in his left knee. New York Jets Left Guard Matt Slauson blocked Cushing below the knee and then rolled into Cushing not allowing him to avoid being pinned up. The block was one, a clip ,and two illegal. Matt Slauson should receive a league fine. As a Texans fan it’s easy to call it dirty, but I’m not sure it was. Head Coach Gary Kubiak commented on the block ” ;He (Brian Cushing) got cut on the play. Obviously, cutting is part of football but the rule says you can’t come back to your own goal line and cut. So the question is, is the guy coming back to his own goal line? That’s in the League’s hands.”Cushing waited in the tunnel after the game to congratulate the team on the win. The leadership he possesses my be a hard part of his game to replace, but not impossible with the locker room the Texans have. We my see ; JJ Watt in that role, Antonio Smith, Connor Barwin. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jonathan Joseph took the reigns.

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The Texans Tree Has a Super Seed

Written by: Chanceb007

In 1997 and 1998 the Denver Broncos won Super Bowls XXXIIand XXXIII utilizing the identical offense the Texans use. Gary Kubiak has personally overseen the building of the Texans offense, piece by piece, hand picking the Quarterbacks,Running Backs, and Tight Ends. He knew from the beginning what the results would look like. Continue reading


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Will Gary Kubiak be the Texans Scapegoat?

Written by: Rob Brown

20120817-024100.jpgAll the preseason talk in the AFC (besides Tim Tebow jogging in the rain) has been about the shakeup in the AFC West with the addition of Peyton Manning. Maybe just as importantly, that means the AFC South lost Peyton Manning. Therefore that makes the Houston Texans the odds-on-favorites to take the division.

The Texans look to have all the right pieces in the right places for 2012 to make a strong run to the AFC Conference Championship. The defense is primed and ready and the offense looked unstoppable before they were hit with critical injuries late in the year. Continue reading

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