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Texans Win…Convincing Enough?

ManningTXWritten by : Chance Bond

The Texans went into Soldier Field and bet the Bears. Some are saying the Texans out Beared the Bears!!Really?………Really? How about the Texans just effed the Bears up? Punched them in the mouth and stole their lunch money…out Beared the Bears. That’s just an old-fashioned whoop’n!

On a wet, rainy, chilly, and slick Sunday Night Football game. Offensively the Texans ran the ball 35 times for 127 yards. Arian Foster carried the ball 29 times for 102 yards. 15 for 91 yards in the first half. Matt Schaub threw for 94 yards one touchdown and two interceptions. Lead the time of possessions, and converted more first downs. The Bulls On Parade held Chicago to 115 yards rushing, but no back had more than 39 yards.

Texans bet the Bears with a stout defensive line, and a secondary that is beginning to rival Seattles! The Texans MVP’s of the game are Danniel Manning with him seemly mocking Tillman’s “ball punch” move and forcing a fumble of TE Kellen Davis on Chicago’s first play of the game. Manning would intercept a Jay Cutler pass later in the first quarter also, while covering Kellen Davis again. Glover Quinn forces a Michael Bush fumble ,than has the awareness to recover the ball on the Bears second possession. Kareem Jackson, jumped a route of  Brandon Marshall’s,  with an interception that was Chicago’s 4th turnover of the half. Jonathan Joseph had the assignment of covering Marshall all day long, holding him out of the end zone!

The Bears turned the ball over on their first three possessions of the game. Next two offensive possessions were three and outs. After that offensive series ended with the Jackson interception, the final drive of the first half ended with time expiring. The Bears had 25 plays for 35 yards, and two first downs. The second half began with Jay Cutler remaining in the locker room, and Jason Campbell starting. The longest drive of the evening the Bears could put together? An eight play forty yard drive that produced the only points scored all night. The ones that are saying it’s not a convincing enough win without Jay Cutler. I guess will seen when the rings are sized?

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